6th year anniversary coming up… I want to do something different this year. Ideas?

Question by Tabatha W: 6th year anniversary coming up… I want to do something different this year. Ideas?
My husband is in the Army and has been deployed the last couple of anniversaries. He is home this year and I want to do something Special. Something other than the same old dinner and a movie. (We have 2 small children so we have to stay close to home.)
Something sexy maybe?

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Answer by Lioness
Get a babysitter for the night, go buy some really hot lingerie and pick one of his hottest fantasies to fulfill. Then do it. I promise you, he will never want to miss an anniversary again!

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5 thoughts on “6th year anniversary coming up… I want to do something different this year. Ideas?”

  1. Take him “camping.” After the kids are in bed, set up a tent in the living room. Fill it with pillow and blankets. Make foil dinners in the oven and roast marshmallows over a candle. You can even put glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. And s’mores or banana boats for dessert. My husband did this for me and it was seriously the best night ever. We danced and cuddled and just had fun. 🙂

    OR- you can create a get-away in your home. Last year, my husband took me to “Paris.” (I have always wanted to go) He downloaded French music from i-tunes and rented French Kiss and Forget Paris from netflix. He turned our dining room into a french cafe with rose petals and sparkling cider. For dinner he made French fries and French toast. 😉 (he makes me laugh) And he put our White Christmas lights up around the living room. It was definitely memorable.

    OR you can always recreate your first date- whatever that may be. If it’s near, you can visit all the places that have special memories- like where you first held hands, kissed, and where he proposed.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. How about give your hubby a surprise. U just act like forgotten about the anniversary but give him surprise at bedroom when ur going to sleep. Just celebrate your anniversary in your own bed room.

  3. Go out to dinner. You dress very nicely, with sexy underthings.

    Make sure he knows this. Tell him, flash, somehow let him know.

    Before dessert, excuse yourself to the powder room. Remove underthings (keep outer clothes on). Stuff underthings into a grocery bag or something.

    Return to table. Hand him the bag. He looks inside, then looks at you. You just smile and nod or wink.

    Leaving restaurant, tell him to pick a hotel. (For additional bonus points, YOU pre-arrange a reservation and tell him which hotel to drive to.)

    He will.

    Later, order in a pizza.

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