Are Urdu and Hindi the same language?

Question by : Are Urdu and Hindi the same language?
If so, why do they have different names? Where did Urdu get it’s name from?

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Answer by Mamy
No Urdu and Hindi are different languages, but Urdu is born in India as Hindi so both languages have exchanged maximum vocabulary with each other…so it seems similar….by the way script wise both languages are totally different

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4 thoughts on “Are Urdu and Hindi the same language?”

  1. They are not the same language, but they are similar to the point that someone who has never formally learned Urdu, but knows Hindi, will probably comprehend 90% of what’s being spoken. The grammar, as far as I know, is identical but the vocabularly is slightly different. But the scripts used are not remotely mutually legible – Urdu uses its own alphabet that’s adapted from Persian, while Hindi uses Devanagari.

    Essentially, they were the same language once upon a time, often called “Hindustani”. But in the past 100 years, especially post independence, they have diverged.

    The story of the origin of the word Urdu is very interesting. It’s related to the English word “horde”, which comes from a Turkish origin, meaning “camp”. So Urdu refers to the fact that it has origins in the armies, which makes perfect sense because the soldiers during the Mughal rule used to communicate in this language, while the rulers spoke in Persian.

  2. I believe they are highly similar, but they are not written anything alike(Urdu uses the arabic script, Hindi uses something else lol.)
    they are both from India, though. Now Urdu is spoken in Pakistan and maybe some parts of India but probably not many places out of Pakistan

  3. They are very similar, the main difference is the people it is spoken by. Hindi was originally spoken by the Hindus of India, people in Pakistan are mainly Muslim, so they call them separate languages out of ethnic reasons.

  4. Language experts consider them to be two registers of a same language.

    Now some basics. The base of Hindi/Urdu is “Khari Boli”, a dialect from around Delhi, Uttar Pradesh region in India. Urdu speakers will add some Persian (also some Arabic/Turkish) words and call it Urdu, Hindi speakers would add Sanskrit/Sanskrit derived words and call it Hindi. But these differences are mainly to be found in literature, or where more formal language is used. But at street level, the vocabulary used is almost identical with some differences depending upon region. It is known as “Hindustani”.

    Also, “Urdu” is written in slightly modified Persian script, while Hindi is written in Devanagri script. It’s basically the same language with different scripts and some different words. Urdu in Devanagri script Hindi. And Hindi in Farsi script is Urdu. Hindi and Urdu are essentially the same language with different scripts.

    For better understanding. I’m creating a hypothetical scenario here, where a different register of English has aroused with some Spanish/French words.

    1) I like cilantro / I like coriander

    2) This dish contains eggplant/ This dish contains aubergine.

    In the above examples, the base “I like” and “This dish contains” is the same. Someone is using “coriander” and someone is using the Spanish “cilantro. Similarly “aubergine” is of French origin and means eggplant.

    The difference between Urdu and Hindi is the same (like above example). But they are written in different scripts.

    The name of the Urdu comes from the Turkish word for “camp” as told in another answer.

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