Best French expression for “chilling out”/”lounging around”?

Question by Matt: Best French expression for “chilling out”/”lounging around”?
Specifically something that could be followed by a preposition.

e.g. “Chilling out . . . on the beach”, “Lounging around . . . at home”

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Answer by eli

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2 thoughts on “Best French expression for “chilling out”/”lounging around”?”

  1. laisse faire! – for chilling out
    salonnard – for lounge

    advice: wait for a smart native because the expressions are colloquial

    EDIT: in English, “to chill out” is a colloquial form for “calm down, relax, don’t mind that thing” (so it can’t be translated litteraly in french)

  2. I thought of several verbs that could express the idea of “chilling out”:
    se relaxer (it’s more like “to rest”, doing nothing after you made that required an effort), paresser (the noun “paresse” means lazyness), flemmarder/flemasser (not very used), fainéanter (the adjective “fainéant” is one possible translation of lazy), traîner (it’s more like “hang out with your friends”) or “lézarder” (most often used when lying in the sun, at the beach for instance).

    [edit: why a thumb down for my answer? I’m sick of those people putting thumbs down for the “pleasure”. Unless you can come with a better answer, just leave the people alone!]

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