canada involvement in planning D-Day?

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Question by yyzzpp: canada involvement in planning D-Day?
I know that largely that it was the British and American military leaders who planned D-Day and the Normandy Invasion, but did the Canadians have a role in planning?
I don’t need information on the invasion itself, I need the Canadian contributions to the PLANNING of D-day. Did they make decisions and contribute to the planning?

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Answer by Bob
They sure had!

Although most Canadian soldiers were liberating the Netherlands, a Canadian division (3rd Canadian infantry division) was tasked by the British and the Americans to attack one of the beaches (which would become a one of the major beach landings, besides Omaha) which is Juno Beach, also known as “the Canadian beach”. They succeeded in taking the beach in about an hour after landing. The next morning, they pushed farther into France without too many casualties and were the ones that got the farthest inland in the attacking countries.

I could go on for long about this, so if you want more, detailed information, check this out:

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  1. At the highest level the beaches were divided up, and one assigned to Canada. But the actual plans for the assault on the beach was planned by the Canadian staff.

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