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Is it true Notch Johnson coined the phrase “pardon my french”?

Question by tobias funke: Is it true Notch Johnson coined the phrase “pardon my french”?

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Answer by D Piddy
The term was first noted in Harper’s Magazine in 1895. For decades, there has been an association between the French language and people with vulgarity, sex, and obscenity (see Francophobia). It’s possible that when someone cursed, they would equate the vulgar word with, what they considered, a vulgar language. Another origin may be the usage of actual French profanity instead of English profanity to be more polite.

But, sadly, I could not find any mention of Notch Johnson

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No title – Ships in bottles. John Milsom’s workshop makes ships in bottles for export. Robin Hood Bay near Whitby, Yorkshire. C/U of girl holding model ship….

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by bibliothequedetoulouse

Question by miki2010vln2: Evita?????
I just saw this movie in my spanish class that was about a lady from argentina… i didn’t get to see all of it, and i’m wondering, what happens, and what’s the background of the movie. the movie starred madonna and antonio banderas, and the whole thing was in song… i thought the combination of instruments was really cool, and I’d really like to know some more about it.

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Answer by Angelic Julie
it’s an excellent film and there are tons of biographies on the real Eva Peron – all very interesting. Juan Peron was the leader of Argentina and Eva became his second wife and helped him run the country, she was both hated and adored by her people until her very early death of cancer. I recommend reading any bio you can get on her, it’s fascinating.

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Perpignan France

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Q&A: What is there to entertain a 9 and 10 year old boy in Epcot’s World Showcase?

by bibliothequedetoulouse

Question by arrowheadadventure: What is there to entertain a 9 and 10 year old boy in Epcot’s World Showcase?
I’ll be taking my two sons and my pregnant wife (second trimester) the first week of August (please, no comments about how hot and crowded it will be as I have already been told). Other than “The Maelstrom” and “The Gran Fiesta Tour”, it appears that the only other attractions in World Showcase are movies about each country represented. Are any of these movies worth seeing (to a young boy, that is)? What would you recommend?

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Answer by t. willy
I’ll go ahead and be honest with you and say that World Showcase probably won’t be the highlight of your kid’s trip. It can be fun though. There are several restaurants in each country including character meals that you might want to look into along with street performers that you might run into. There’s also little stations around the lagoon, I believe they’re called Kidcot Stops or something along those lines where a cast member literally from the country you are visiting can write something in their native language in your child’s Kidcot book and there are little games for them to play etc. I also suggest taking the boys [and the wife] to the huge shop in Japan where there is a big candy store with lots of bizarre flavors and a lady who can show you how to make it, action figures and comic books, pearls and jewelry, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I think they would enjoy the boat ride in Mexico with Donald and Maelstorm but the movies in China, USA, France, and Canada might get tiresome for them. I myself don’t enjoy them that much so you might want to just see one or two and not spend much time there. I think you’ll have more fun spending your time in Future World. Make sure to take your kids to see Turtle Talk and the sea cabs at The Seas with Nemo and Friends, on Soarin’ in the Land next door, and to see the 3D show, Honey I Shrunk the Audience. If they are adventuresome do test track but Mission: Space might be too much and Ellen’s energy ride [I forget the name] is very long and boring. Most pavilions along with Innoventions have interactive games and exhibits that they might want to play while you ride or just to take a break. Honestly Epcot just isn’t the most kid friendly park at the World so I think you should spend a day there, see the big things, and take the family over to any of the other parks. Hope that helps, and have a great trip!

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Carpet Cup 2006 R/C 1/10 Touring Svizzera main final.

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Civil wars or wars in medieval times?

by bibliothequedetoulouse

Question by Noricum: Civil wars or wars in medieval times?
I need some help finding a war ( civil or war between countries) in medieval times for a book.
It would be very cool if would have more than two sides and would happen before cannons were used in warfare. And I want to be original.
So please no War of the roses, Holy Crusades, Hundred years war and Turkish invasions.
It will be more focused on small guys ( captain of the archers, foot soldiers and squires and knights, monks).
And if it is possible that battles are interesting. Not only battles on grass fields and sieges.
And one last request. If you can add a link on a website where I can get info about the war.
Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Chrispy
You might want to consider the Battle of Tours, one of the turning points in European history.

Having conquered the Iberian Peninsula, in 732 the Moors decided to launch a foray into northern Europe, and invaded what is now France. They were stopped near the town of Tours, in France.

Charles Martel was the commander of the French forces, and he did something that was stunning in its simplicity.

He deployed his infantry on a wooded hill, knowing that the strong point of the Moorish army was their cavalry. He then sent a smaller party to sneak into the Moorish camp and release any prisoners held there, and just generally create a diversion.

When the Moorish cavalry heard the noise from their camp, a fair number of them turned and headed back to see what all the commotion was. This left the cavalry who remained to attempt a charge up a wooded hill, and many of them fell to the firing of arrows (I’m not sure if the crossbow had been invented by this time, and I doubt that the English had yet perfected the longbow) from the concealed infantry.

Between going uphill, the wooded terrain, and the arrows, they fell into retreat, Martel’s infantry following right behind them.

A contemporary wag said, “They didn’t stop running until they were back in Spain,” which I’m sure was an exaggeration, but it did put paid to any further attempts to invade France and points north.

You should be able to do more research by simply putting “The Battle of Tours” into a search engine.

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Tour de Castelnau de Lévy [Lévis], près d’Albi, avril 1895

Image by bibliothequedetoulouse
Fonds Trutat – Photographie ancienne

Cote : TRU B 973
Localisation : Fonds ancien (S 30)
Original non communicable

Titre : Tour de Castelnau de Lévy [Lévis], près d’Albi, avril 1895

Auteur : Trutat, Eugène
Rôle de l’auteur : Photographe

Lieu de création : Castelnau de Levis (Tarn)
Date de création : 1895

Mesures : : 18 x 13 cm

Observations : Un tirage photographique
Mot(s)-clé(s) :
— Tour — Château — Pierre — Colline — Herbe — Arbre — Vallée — Promontoire — Printemps

— Castelnau de Levis (Tarn) — Albi (Tarn ; canton) — Midi-Pyrénées (France) — Tour de Castelnau-de-Lévis (Albi)

— 19e siècle, 4e quart — 13e siècle

Médium : Photographies — Négatifs sur plaque de verre — Noir et blanc — Vues d’architecture — Paysages…

Bibliothèque de Toulouse. Domaine public

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