compairison between new orleans now and before katrina?

Question by Jane is not my name!: compairison between new orleans now and before katrina?
so is new orleans getting back to how it used to be before katrina or is their still devastation their because i would really like to visit new orleans in the near future

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Answer by NOLA guy
Most of the metro area now looks like Katrina never happened. The historic parts of the city (French Quarter, Garden District, etc.) did not flood and the wind damage was repaired fairly quickly.

The worst-flooded neighborhoods are still recovering and some (like the Lower 9th Ward) probably won’t recover. However, you have to deliberately go to those areas to see them, such as with a “Katrina tour” (ex. via Grey Line Tours).

You should visit and see for yourself.

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  1. NOLA Guy is right, Uptown and Downtown New Orleans(including some parts of the East Of New Orleans) doesn’t seem like Katrina had happended

    Just the 9th Ward, but the 9th Ward is like in the outskirts of the City of new Orleans.

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