Did you guys know about this ad?

Question by BEACHBOY: Did you guys know about this ad?
I found it on the Internet (from Euro2004), check it out!:

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Answer by hidden_soul2006
They seemed to be training for The German match in the world cup, and for the french match. Man I support that!

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4 thoughts on “Did you guys know about this ad?”

  1. Some idiot put it on there and claimed it was Italy and it is not true. Those are not Italian players or coaches from any era. And this is a fact. By the way there were no black players on our team in 2004, check the roster. If nothing else to prove it to you there are two black players on that video. This is a video of the guide that the GUARDIAN was giving during EURO 2004, and it was just an ad.

    ** By the way I agree with you that my previous comments were uncalled for and harsh and I have changed that statement on another question (you had not asked the question you had just bashed me when answering it).


  2. Someone who hated Italy just like you do posted that video on youtube.com with the title “Italy training camp”.

    In fact, you don’t to have to be a genius to understand that it’s an ad for The Guardian, a British newspaper. I don’t know which team that is, but certainly not Italy. Look at the players in the video. Since when has Italy had black players?

    Hmmmmm…. won’t it be France, instead? 😉

    The link to that video has been posted here at least a hundred times… if bashing Italy makes you so happy, at least try being more original 😉

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