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Question by miki2010vln2: Evita?????
I just saw this movie in my spanish class that was about a lady from argentina… i didn’t get to see all of it, and i’m wondering, what happens, and what’s the background of the movie. the movie starred madonna and antonio banderas, and the whole thing was in song… i thought the combination of instruments was really cool, and I’d really like to know some more about it.

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Answer by Angelic Julie
it’s an excellent film and there are tons of biographies on the real Eva Peron – all very interesting. Juan Peron was the leader of Argentina and Eva became his second wife and helped him run the country, she was both hated and adored by her people until her very early death of cancer. I recommend reading any bio you can get on her, it’s fascinating.

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  1. I agree with Angelic. The life of Eva Peron is so colourful. It’s very difficult to judge her, was she a sinner or a saint? Try to get a DVD and watch the movie, it’s entertaining and you can learn something from it.

  2. Eva Paron (nee Duarte) led an incredible life! She was born into poverty as an illigitimate child. She was very young when her father died and was almost kicked out of his funeral because her mother was his mistress. Then, in her teens she moved to Buenos Aries and became a very sucessful radio personality.

    At this point in time Evita had many disatvantages. Being an Actress, being poor, and being illegitamate were things that were very much looked down upon in Argintine society. She however married Colonel Juan Paron, who was the leader of the Argintine army. He later became vice president and then President of Argentina. Eva is probably the most famous first lady in the history of the world. She spent time and money building charities and other programs to help the poor (refered to as the Discamisados). Often times her efforts were greatly criticized by Argintine society.

    In 1947 Evita went on a tour of Europe (often called the “Rainbow Tour”). She was well received in Spain and Italy. Less so in France. She was scheduled to go to England but there are two versions of the story regarding why she didn’t. One is that she was mad that her visit wasn’t going to be regarded as an official state visit so she decided not to go, the other is that she was already of ill health and was exhausted.

    In 1951 she ran for the vice-presidency during her husbands re election campaign. The upper clases and the military were very unhappy about this – the poor, however saw Eva as their champion and cheered for her on the balcony of the Casa Rosada! (A famous scene in the play/movie)

    She dropped out of the race and sadly passed away in 1952 from Cervical Cancer.

    I think wikipedia has a great article on her… you should check there. The movie is fun but not that accurate. I would suggest you learn about her life and THEN watch the movie.

    I’m sure any encyclopedia you pick up will have a good article.

    The important thing to remember about Evita was that she wasn’t a saint as the discamisados would have you believe and she wasn’t evil like the upper classes would have you believe.

    Sure, she may have done some under handed things and she may have slept to the top – but the things she did for the poor can’t be discounted, she really did care… she was a very complex person….

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