Exchange program info! Please?

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Question by QQ2: Exchange program info! Please?
Alright so i want to know if this exists.

From what I have read on Yahoo Answers about these programs is that you stay with a host family and go to a nearby regular school.
Now What I was wondering , is there anything else?

What I mean is, for example, is there a summer program where you don’t stay with some family but you stay with other children in the program as well? Does that make sense? ha ha

Almost like a camp thing.
I don’t really like the idea of living with other families, I think staying and doing activities, tours, learning etc. with other children in the program sounds more ideal to me. ha ha xD

So I want to know if such programs exist and if so, what is it?

Also, any tips on what i should expect, bring, what I should look up and were to get info would be great!

Thank you =D

Best answer:

Answer by Taylor
Yes, they do!
However they are few and far between.
I know that AIFS has summer programs that mainly you stay at, say a university or dorm-like residences, however they will usually mean classes everyday. They will most of the time just be language classes in the morning, and group excursions/ leisure time in the afternoon. I believe AIFS has these for France, Spain, Italy, Russia.. and one or two more I’m not remembering. So check it out! Most programs you will, however, have you stay with a host family.

There are also such things like “European tour” or something like that where it is the same thing as mentioned above, only you go to like 10 countries in Europe, by bus I believe, throughout the summer.

Good luck and have fun!

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Tour de la Turbie, Monte-Carlo, avril 1905

Image by bibliothequedetoulouse
Fonds Trutat – Photographie ancienne

Cote : TRU B 950
Localisation : Fonds ancien (S 30)
Original non communicable

Titre : Tour de la Turbie, Monte-Carlo, avril 1905

Auteur : Trutat, Eugène
Rôle de l’auteur : Photographe

Lieu de création : Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
Date de création : 1905

Mesures : : 13 x 18 cm

Observations : Notes manuscrites de Trutat : "ana. Demaria, Jougla rose"
Mot(s)-clé(s) :
— Château — Fortification — Rempart — Tour — Montagne — Rocher — Printemps — Muret — Maison — Ruines

— Monte-Carlo (Monaco) — Monaco (Principauté de) — Méditerranée, Mer (France) — Tour de la Turbie (Monte-Carlo)

— 20e siècle, 1e quart — 6e siècle avant JC

Médium : Photographies — Négatifs sur plaque de verre — Noir et blanc — Jougla-Lumière — Vues d’architecture — Paysages urbains…

Bibliothèque de Toulouse. Domaine public

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