French: simple and complex relative pronouns?

Question by gta: French: simple and complex relative pronouns?
Please. explain the following and give examples of simple and complex relative pronouns. Also, please explain being “familiar with their possible alternatives”:

“When they can, French speakers tend to use simple relative pronouns because they are shorter and more casual.

On the other hand, the compound relative pronouns are always correct after a preposition. It is therefore safer for you to systematically use compound relative pronouns when the common noun of the second of two sentences [being united] is preceded by a preposition. Until you are familiar with their possible alternatives, You may sound formal, but your sentence will be correct. “

[Chauderlot 337; explanation of common noun is mine]

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Answer by philippe
That’s what I told you about the hotels, sans qui is correct but it’s better to say sans lesquels .
“J’ai acheté une voiture, avec laquelle j’ai fait le tour de France” .
I cannot talk about alternatives, as it seems to me there are as many possible alternatives as sentences . You can always rephrase your sentence .

We won’t use qui after a prep speaking about a car, that’s sûre . And we rather say prep+ quoi speaking about an abstraction, and prep + auquel speaking about an objet ( like in “une voiture …)
” J’ai appris à nager, grâce à quoi j’ai pu faire du bateau” . ” J’ai perdu mes lunettes, sans lesquellesje ne vois rien” .
About persons, we do use prep+ qui as well as compound pronouns . It’s sure there are some cases when prep + qui sounds badly educated, but most of the time you can . Compound pronouns are always correct, but surprising sometimes . You can’t learn that except by impregnation .
Let’s say in short sentences it’s more expected to hear prep + qui, and in longer to hear prep + auquel .

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