going to France..someone please answer me?

Question by manpower: going to France..someone please answer me?
i’m a malaysian.i’m planning to tour to france next year for up to 6 months. and going to stay with my boy friend. how much eur dolar i must have for stay there? pls let me know soon… thanks alot..

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Answer by zeuz
15,000 Euros should be barely sufficient.

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3 thoughts on “going to France..someone please answer me?”

  1. Hello Pearl!
    The information you give is very vague, so it is impossible to estimate how much it will cost unless one knows what the variables are going to be.
    Before looking at what you need financially to tour France, have you looked at visas etc…
    If you are Malaysian, though you can enter France on a visa waiver, you will not be allowed to stay in France more than ninety days.You do not say if your boyfriend is French and if you intend to get married to him, which would enable you to obtain a long stay visa.
    The cost of living in France has risen sharply, and Paris in particular is very expensive. You do not say if you will be staying all the time with your boyfriend and whether or not he will be financing lodging, food and basic necessities or if you will have to pay for those yourself. You used the word “touring” which implies you will not stay there all the time, and accomodation or hotels are not cheap. It also depends where you are flying from. Your post is from the USA but if you are flying from your own country the flights will be more expensive. Finally it also hinges on your personal needs and expectations, and what you are accustomed to.

  2. Staying 6 months in France mean that you will have to ask for a long visa,( normally you only get 1 or 3 months maximum) and you will be asked to proove that you will be able to live 6 months in France wihtout working and that wont stay as illegal after your stay.

    I guess that you will need at least 1500 euro per month but all depend if the authorities will allow you this long visa.

  3. Consider that the most expensive city in France is Paris. I can give you the prices to rent an apartment and food in this city and then you can calculate the rest.
    To rent ana apartment in Paris, a studio, it would cost between 750 and 1300 a month. Of course you could choose something more expensive then this. But I doubt you can find something decent for less then this amount.
    For the food. If you have an apartment and you eat at hom. With 50 Euros 2 persons can eat one week. If you decideto eat out a meal in a decent brasserie is 15 Euros, in a restaurant is 25/35 Euros. In Paris you walk a lot but if you take the metro this is 1,30 Euros each trip but you also have possibility to buy more tickets for less or to get some cards for bus and metro.
    These are the costs to leave in Paris. All the other cities are cheaper.
    Here is the link to the site of the company I use when I rent apartments in Paris, it might be usueful for you: http://www.paris-apartment-rent.com

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