group trips to Paris for young adults.?

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Question by kitty: group trips to Paris for young adults.?
I am looking for a group trip to Europe. I was signed up to a trip that was going to meet in Bluefield WV drive by bus to South Caroline where we would fly to England to board a ship that would sail to Paris, Spain ect. Unfortunately I found out later I couldn’t go on that one so I was wondering if any one knew of a relatively safe online tour company that caters to collage age kids (Im 25 and just graduated is why I added that). I was looking for a tour that maybe meets some where near West Virginia (or just a state on the east coast of the US) before flying over seas and included air fair in their pricing.

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Answer by WISE OWL
These kinds of trips are organised from the USA and you cannot expect French people to know what trips take place from West Virginia or the East coast of the US and who organises them. You want to contact an American travel agent or look up on the net “group tours to Paris France” and see what comes up.
Here is one you can contact:

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