How do you do a soft lead in newspapers?

Question by Annie: How do you do a soft lead in newspapers?

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Answer by Deanne
There are many other kinds of news leads, but they all fall into two categories: “hard” leads and”soft” leads. The choice depends on the nature of the story and determines the form of the rest of the story. A hard lead is suited for an urgent, breaking event, while a soft lead is more indirect and suited to feature writing.

A hard lead:

If Canada and France don’t reach an agreement on fish quotas by Sept. 30 Ottawa will unilaterally impose one, Fisheries Minister John Crosbie says. — St. John’s Evening Telegram, Sept. 16, 1992.

A soft lead:

Bryan Adams spoke and the fans listened. “Be good to Osoyoos,” Adams told the crowds of 30,000 who gathered in the Okanagan town Sunday for the only B.C. stop in his Waking Up the Nation tour. “Osoyoos has been good to you tonight. So have a good time and don’t wreck the place.” Then the clean cut kid from North Vancouver gave the fans what they had come for. — Vancouver Sun, Sept. 8, 1992

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