how long is a typical honeymoon supposed to last, and any ideas on destinations?

Question by mike: how long is a typical honeymoon supposed to last, and any ideas on destinations?

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Answer by frangul
whatever your budget will allow but a week would be the norm if time and finances allow. the easiest trip with nothing to do but have fun and enjoy each other would be a cruise. The Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska are some destinations depending on your preferences. It is a trip that doesn’t take a lot of planning for, just choose the ship with the destinations you would like to visit and the cruise line does the rest. You can cut costs by getting an inside cabin since you will only be there to rest up for the next day but a balcony would be preferable.

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3 thoughts on “how long is a typical honeymoon supposed to last, and any ideas on destinations?”

  1. Go for however long you can afford and can spare the time off from work. A week or two is great after all the wedding stuff!

    I would recommend picking either someplace you already know well and enjoy together or someplace new that you can explore as a married couple.

    Depending on budget, here are some suggestions:
    – a road trip (we did this for our honeymoon and loved it, we drove almost all the way across Canada, stopping in B&B as we travelled)
    – Paris followed by a few days in a Chateau in the Loire Valley (in France)
    – “a big cities tour” – London, Paris, Rome
    – New York city
    – an isolated cabin / guest house someplace rural where there is nothing much to do or see except each other
    – an all inclusive resort somewhere or a cruise (lots of people around but little work planning/preparing)
    – in Canada – one of the islands on the Sunshine Coast (depending on the season, can be quite wet!)

    Whatever you do, it’s great to do something special that you’ve never done before – ie. massages for two, dinner at an exclusive restaurant, trying out a new sport or activity (hot air ballooning?)

    Also, if you are planning a surprise of sorts, listen carefully for “clues” from your partner. Is there someplace that they’ve seen on TV or in a movie that they would love to visit? Do they have a hobby or activity that you could incorporate in your travels?

    Happy travels!

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