I have a few questions about France?

Question by ME!!: I have a few questions about France?
I am doing a project about France, and Im stuck on some information.
How many States are there in France, and which is the state with the most population?
What is a main tradition the French have?
What is a good website for housing in France, or some information on housing? What are the schools like in France, maybe give me a website?
Whats a website for Native plants in France?
What is a/an popular sport in France: What have they achieved in that sport? Who are some famous people in France, or famous things?

Ty if you answer all these questions 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Thomas T
It would take a book or two to completely answer those questions. France does not have states. They have Departments, including the island of Martinique in the Carribean. The most populated area is its largest city, Paris and its environs. There are no high schools per se in France. They have Gymnasiums and students track into professions a lot earlier than students in the USA. The two most popular sports in France are Football (which we call soccer) and Cycling which includes the world famous “Tour de France” race through the Pyrennes and Alps. There are thousands of famous people from France including Lafayette who helped the USA in the Revolutionary War, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Renoir, Monet, Edith Piaf, Chagall, Charles de Gaulle, Madame Curie, and the list goes on. You could start with Charlemagne if you like. There is much too much to answer here so I would suggest going on to Wikipedia to get more info.

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