Is it true Notch Johnson coined the phrase “pardon my french”?

Question by tobias funke: Is it true Notch Johnson coined the phrase “pardon my french”?

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Answer by D Piddy
The term was first noted in Harper’s Magazine in 1895. For decades, there has been an association between the French language and people with vulgarity, sex, and obscenity (see Francophobia). It’s possible that when someone cursed, they would equate the vulgar word with, what they considered, a vulgar language. Another origin may be the usage of actual French profanity instead of English profanity to be more polite.

But, sadly, I could not find any mention of Notch Johnson

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One thought on “Is it true Notch Johnson coined the phrase “pardon my french”?”

  1. Apparently the French were lacking in the area of morality causing many phrases to come about.
    I have include some extra links .
    For a picture of notch johnson open link below.
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    Because the French are often stereotypically associated with indecency, especially of a sexual nature.

    The word French in English has long been used in sexual references. The expression French pox or French disease, for syphilis or other venereal diseases, is the oldest, which dates all the way back to 1500. A number of terms developed in the nineteenth century, including French letter for a condom and French print for a pornographic picture.

    The use of French to mean ‘blunt or offensive language’, which is now found exclusively in the expression “excuse (or pardon) my French,” is first found in the 1860s. Though it does not necessarily refer to sexually indecent terms (many of the early examples refer to religious blasphemy), the main suggestion of the word French was probably taken as ‘offensive’ rather than ‘sexual’ in this context.
    Extra about french kiss
    A French kiss may feel like a sexy maneuver (especially to hormonal teens), but it’s not very romantic to watch. Ever witness a couple playing tonsil hockey in public? Unless someone’s going off to war the next morning, there’s really no excuse.
    So how did this slobbery smooch get its name? As far as we can tell, it stems from the stereotype that the French are a morally casual people., which specializes in these sorts of questions, says the term dates from at least the 1920s but doesn’t know exactly who coined the phrase. The site goes on to draw parallels to other adult-only phrases like “pardon my French” and “French postcards.” Ooh la la!
    Below for a few extra expressions involving french phrases.

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