Mother/Mother-in-law/granma 50th birthday…?

Question by Giggles!: Mother/Mother-in-law/granma 50th birthday…?
It’s my partners mother’s 50th birthday,We are on a very tight bugit and can only spend around £10.00,she loves france,she’s veggie, enjoy’s camping and reading…Does anyone have any idea’s of what we could buy her? Websites would help 🙂 Serious answers only. Thank-you in advance 🙂

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I know that most Lidl and Aldi stores are having “camping” speacials this week, so maybe check out their sites and see if there’s anything she could use there! Good luck xx

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One thought on “Mother/Mother-in-law/granma 50th birthday…?”

  1. I’Ve been to Sol A Gogo. Good slides, pools caravans well I was with Al
    Fresco but still Good caravans and a good holiday all together :). P.s for
    those familys plannin on going i’d recommend a good family cycling company
    down bout 0.2 of a mile down the road from Sol A Gogo, went myself 🙂

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