Discover The Joys Of Camping In France

Considering France is only about thirty miles off the coast of the United Kingdom, it is no wonder that many people head to the close British neighbors. As many people enjoy the world of outdoor life more, camping in France is becoming more popular. With many ferries crossing the channel too, taking the car and caravan makes the trip itself simple.

All throughout France, there are wonderful camping sites. All are well looked after and maintained, whilst the facilities in the majority are excellent and all are good. From north to south and east to west, it really is not hard to find something suitable.

Most sites are caravan friendly to, with more than enough electricity points to keep those all important home comforts up and running. Allowing for a semi permanent base to relax in helps make a holiday go all the more smoother of course, so it is good to know there are reliable amenities to help with this.

The staff on site when camping in France could not be more helpful either. Whilst it is always good to at least try to converse in the local language, English is widely spoken. If you can though, it is always nice to try; France is the host country after all and relationships will be all the better just for taking a little time.

When camping in France, particularly with a caravan, one of the joys is being able to explore the diversity that the wonderful country has. The country is synonymous with good food and wine of course, so it is only right that these should be savored at any given opportunity.

With a caravan, there are no delays in setting up camp. You arrive, announce your arrival and pay any fees due and you are good to go. Unhitching the car takes no time at all, and then you out in the country ready to explore the delights that the region has to offer.

Fees are fairly standard, but one of the beautiful things about camping and going it alone as it were are the cheap prices of everything. Whilst on site shops at each of the sites will have well stocked shops with friendly and helpful staff, many are very close to villages and towns for that authentic feel.

Families and groups are welcome in most places, which really makes exploring the country as straight forward as it possibly could be. In a campsite too, there is always an atmosphere to take part in. While there is more than enough space given over to each pitch, the proximity of neighbors allows for any help as needed and is the foundation for building excellent friendships.

Camping in France is quite simply a quite wonderful thing to do. Whether relaxing in the north, enjoying the find foods and wines that the valleys bring, or soaking up the sun in the south of the country. With many sites up against the Pyrenees too, it makes for a great summer, winter or spring time destination.

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French Camping Holidays – Six Steps to Planning the Perfect Family Holiday

You are advised to plan French camping holidays well in advance. The rise in popularity among British families for French camping holidays means booking early is essential to avoid disappointed. Substantial numbers of British families are choosing French camping holidays for their summer break.

Days consist of lying by the pool watching your children play with newly acquired friends. When evening approaches the aroma of barbecues drifts around the campsite, all this complemented with inexpensive quality French wine. Enjoying your summer break is easy, here are six steps to make planning French camping holidays easy also.

1. When is the best time to travel?

If your children are below school age or you’re traveling as a group of friends, then months May, June and September are cheapest. Additional benefits of those months include quieter roads, resorts and campsites. When booking French camping holidays in peak periods, book early to avoid disappointed as popular campsites become full very quickly.

2. Selecting your Campsite

From Normandy, Brittany and the Loire in the north to the Cote d’Azur and Languedoc in the south, it is possible to camp in most regions of France . Choose a region that matches your interests, maybe an inland retreat, beach holiday or culture and sightseeing. For campsites, checkout the facilities available, the official rating and the number of pitches match your preferences. The local amenities will give you a good idea whether a campsites region can satisfy your interests.

3. Choosing your Accommodation

French camping holidays offer a variety of accommodation. Tents, mobile home and chalet style cottages are available depending on your preference and budget. If your children are teenagers, go for the larger accommodation where possible it’s well worth while having a little extra space. At most campsites bed linen can be hired, otherwise don’t forget to take your own.

4. Getting there by Sea, Air or Rail

The English channel makes getting to France a little more awkward. Most holidaymakers drive to their campsite taking either the cross channel ferry or the Euro-star through the Channel Tunnel. The ferry is slower but general cheaper and for convenience the Channel Tunnel takes only 35 minutes. Fly-drive or Motorail are alternatively options to driving all the way from the UK . In peak season book your channel crossing, trains and flights early or you may end up with more expensive traveling arrangements or no traveling arrangements at all.

5. Stopping En Route

The Cote d’Azur and Languedoc regions of France may take 12 hours to drive non-stop from the UK . In that case many holidaymakers on French camping holidays choose to stop En Route. There are hotels chains across France including Novotel, Ibis, Kyriad and Campanile who offer good quality rooms at reasonable prices.

6. Visit Disneyland Paris and the way home

The route of many journeys across France is via Paris . For a little extra expense consider a two day stay at Disneyland Paris. It is possible to stay at the Disneyland hotels, but money can be saved by staying at one of the many hotels very close to Disneyland . And finally, leave enough time to visit CitiEurope in Calais , it’s a vast enclosed shopping center where French produce at bargain duty free prices can be purchased.

Discover the charm, enjoyment and relaxation of French camping holidays for yourself next year. Plan and book early and you will not be disappointed.

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Camping In France Without Breaking The Bank

If you first take a consider it, you will think that France is not really the cheapest place to camp. I can see why you think so. France’s camping scene is pretty much well organized. You’ll find camp sites that pretty much resemble expensive hotels. In point of fact, campgrounds have their own star ratings with the quantity of stars increases as the quantity of amenities and extra services increase. Still, don’t be fooled by quite expensive camping facilities.

Often it is these very the larger ones and don’t represent the actually camping scene in France. In point of fact, it is totally possible to have a camping in France feel without you breaking the bank. All you need is a good search of the thousands of available camping areas everywhere France and you will see a perfect campground that suits your needs and fit your budget requirements.

But the price of the camping site is not the thing that you will need to think about to go to France. Naturally, the very early to search for is a budget airfare which will actually take to the nation. You’ll find that the cheapest tickets are the ones that are booked months in advance. Some airlines might offer budget fares in addition to group reservations and airline bookings. It is rather unfortunate, or in some holdalls it is actually fortunate, that tickets are also pretty much cheaper during the peak tourist seasons such as the holidays.

The next item to skim off some expense would bee the camp ground itself. Like what have been mentioned earlier, reckoning on what you wish camping areas can cause nothing to something as costly as checking into a hotel room itself. To avoid inconveniences, you could book before you proceed once you discover the campsite you like. Still, you can have an added adventure if don’t call to reserve or arrange camping accommodations. Well if you’re traveling alone or with a life-partner, it may be fun to just go in a location in France, check the camp sites and just move on if you discover the area too crowded for your liking.

One other method to save some of your cash is to bring your personal camp gear. Pack as much gear as you might and because you need, naturally. If you purchase the gear in France, you may get into shock from the price tags they carry. If you own the necessary gear then bring them along. So these comprise tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and flashlights.

Prepare all your gear and check your packs before you depart to see if you have gone some things behind. Even small items like batteries and even socks should be brought to hand. Not just will these small items save some funds but it will in addition save you time from going backward and forward in camping or outdoor shops in France to get what you have to have.

Camping in France is a fairly good alternative for tourists to visit a rural area. Imagine needing to walk along France’s outstanding beach locations and reach see acres of vineyards and picturesque mountain scenes through in addition to half the price of staying in hotels in the cities. France offers a much relaxing lifestyle outside the busy city streets in the truly amazing outdoors.

Visiting and camping in France without breaking the bank is perfectly possible. It has been done before by numerous campers ahead of you so I don’t see why your family can’t.

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Question by crazy joe: Do you need a CARNET when camping in France ?
Going camping in France next week and somebody at work has mentioned a “CARNET” do you still need them and what is their pupose ?

Best answer:

Answer by david464014
That is a typing error – what you need is a carpet, not a carnet.

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Camping Eurosol, St-Girons-Plage Camping Eurosol is a well-kept campsite amidst a vast pine tree forest, around 700 meters from the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Why camping Eurosol? * If you prefer not to go to the beach, the campsite provides plenty of entertainment around the large swimming pools. There’s a bar, restaurant, small grocery shop and tennis court. * For small childen there’s a play area and a separate children’s pool. * An animation team is in charge of the varied entertainment programme, which caters for all ages and offers games, excursions, a children’s club and dance nights.
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Camping holidays in the Languedoc-Roussillon, south of France

For those who haven’t yet experienced the delights of the Languedoc region I had better start with precisely where it is because France is quite a large country. Languedoc is in the true south of France, and in the west it starts at the French/Spanish border near to Perpignan and follows the Mediterranean coastline eastwards to approximately two thirds of the way round the Golfe du Lion. This length represents roughly a third of the French Mediterranean coast, the rest of it being the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

The amazing thing is that it is only relatively recently that Brits have discovered the wonders of Languedoc, and one of the reasons for this is that they may have previously taken their holidays in the next door Provence which, though nice, has become extremely expensive because ever since the high old days of Brigitte Bardot it has been used by the “Jet Set” who have pushed up the prices there to a sky high level.

But now we have a situation where Montpellier, for instance, is buzzing with new shops, restaurants and tourist events, whilst Narbonne and Beziers have also been awakened by the new tourist boom which may in part have been caused by the still-low property prices there.

Camping holidays in Languedoc, and of course, we include mobile home or static caravan holidays in that, are absolutely wonderful as this region has some of the best weather in Europe, some of the best beaches, superb food, lots of history to be explored and masses of different activities to be experienced. To be honest, it’s a wonder anyone can find the time to fit all this in during a couple of weeks there.

Luckily for the area we now see a great many more British, Dutch and German tourists here, as well as a great many of the indigenous French because most of them prefer to take their holidays in their own country, and who can blame them?

If your holiday here actually involves DOING something then this is the place to be as there is water near enough everywhere for activities such as canal boating, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, Kite surfing, fishing and swimming. Probably the only water based sport unavailable here is surfing because the Med doesn’t have high enough tides for that.

Golfers and tennis players are also well catered for as there are golf courses and tennis centres across the whole region, and for later in the year there are three mountain ranges which provide skiing, but in the holiday season they are still great for walking and rock climbing.

The more ambitious tourists can take to ballooning; floating over the rivers and vineyards of Languedoc must be a once in a lifetime treat with all the rivers, old castles and fantastic scenery to be seen from the air, but ballooning isn’t the only airborn activity on offer as you can just as easily go paragliding or even take a flight in a light aircraft – guided flights over the Cathar castles come highly recommended.

Of course, no camping holiday in the Languedoc would be complete without checking out some of the local wildlife, of which there is a great deal, especially in the mountainous and swamp regions, with everything from vultures to pelicans.

Equestrian sports? Well, not eventing but something much more rewarding where you can have a wonderful time on Le Sentier Cathare, or Cathar Way which is France’s most famous horse trail, all 250 kms of it!

Blame Dan Brown and his book The Da Vinci Code for this, but inadvertently he set off a tourist boom for people interested in the fabulous Cathar Castles, most of which appear to be perched high, high up in the mountains, and are the last remnants of the once proud but ill fated Cathars once so wrongly wiped out because they were deemed to be heretics.

But now you can retrace their steps and learn about the legends that linked them to the Holy Grail on horseback along the Sentier Cathare over 250 kms of breath taking Languedoc countryside which links nine Cathar Castles from Port-La-Nouvelle on the Med coast across the Corbières and the foothills of the Pyrénées, Aude to the historic Ariège town of Foix.

We are certain that you will love your time camping or staying in a mobile home in Languedoc for a couple of weeks, and even if you don’t take to any of the activities we have briefly described then you can always fall back on a holiday sunbathing on some of the best beaches in Europe.

Art Johnstone has been a Francophile since going on a driving holiday with friends at the age of 18, and now, 46 years later the passion for France, its people and their way of life is undiminished. Art writes for several high-profile France related websites and invites you to take a look at his pages about camping south of France in general and the camping Languedoc in particular.

Question by david185924: Anyone been camping to Messanges in South Of France?
Planning a holiday there in Summer and wondering how others found it

Best answer:

Answer by BRONALDS
hi I ve already did it…

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Some boys waiting to have a bath
camping south of france
Image by National Library of Scotland
Members of the South African Native Labour Corp queuing for the showers, France, during World War I. This very personal moment is thought to have been captured by the photographer John Warwick Brooke. These men are standing in bare feet in the mud, which seems to defeat the purpose of queuing to get clean. They look quite chilly, and some of their tools are lying beside them at the doorway. It would be curious to know their feelings and thoughts about their situation at this precise moment in time.

Due to the internal politics of South Africa, who eventually declared her support for the Commonwealth, Black Africans were not allowed to bear arms. On a day-to-day basis, however, their war experience was in every other way the same – communal living, rationing, shelling, bad weather conditions and so forth.

[Original reads: ‘Black Labour Camp in France. Some boys waiting to have a bath.’]

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