Places to visit in Europe?

Question by Noah: Places to visit in Europe?
I am planning a two week vacation to Europe and I already am planning on being in Italy, France and the United Kingdom. Must see cities for me are:

-Cannes, France
-Rome, Italy
-Florence, Italy
-Venice, Italy
-Marseilles, France
-Paris, France
-London, UK

If needed, I can bump Marseilles, but I really want to see all of the other cities. How many days should I spend in each one if I’m going to be there for 15 days?

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Answer by Orla C
All those in 15 days? Are you for real? Are you even aware of the distances involved?

Knock that idea on the head right now, love. Paris alone would fill all 15 days, and you’d barely be scratching the surface. Pick TWO of those cities, invest in good travel guide books for them, and you’ll have a much nicer time.

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Tour de la Turbie, Monte-Carlo, avril 1905

Image by bibliothequedetoulouse
Fonds Trutat – Photographie ancienne

Cote : TRU B 951
Localisation : Fonds ancien (S 30)
Original non communicable

Titre : Tour de la Turbie, Monte-Carlo, avril 1905

Auteur : Trutat, Eugène
Rôle de l’auteur : Photographe

Lieu de création : Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
Date de création : 1905

Mesures : : 18 x 13 cm

Observations : Notes manuscrites de Trutat : "ana. Demaria, Jougla rose"
Mot(s)-clé(s) :
— Tour — Fortification — Rempart — Château — Montagne — Rocher — Printemps — Muret — Arbre — Ruines

— Monte-Carlo (Monaco) — Monaco (Principauté de) — Méditerranée, Mer (France) — Tour de la Turbie (Monte-Carlo)

— 20e siècle, 1e quart — 6e siècle avant JC

Médium : Photographies — Négatifs sur plaque de verre — Noir et blanc — Jougla-Lumière — Vues d’architecture — Paysages…

Bibliothèque de Toulouse. Domaine public

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One thought on “Places to visit in Europe?”

  1. Go online and look up “London Paris Rome Tours”
    Change the order of those cities and see what tour operators have figured out what to see in that amount of time.

    Most of the answers you are going to get will be like “are you crazy” it just can not be done.

    Indeed it is a little much but is being done all the time, but you will have to PLAN no more than one full day in each place you mentioned, as you will be traveling one full day in-between London – Paris – Cannes – Venice – Florence – Rome. The Marseilles can be done from Paris, but otherwise you will not be seeing much at each location.

    You can research two things to do in each place and then you are about maxing out.

    If you can eliminate two or three stops, and shorten the trip to just Italy or just France you will be further ahead on what you will be able to do in each location, otherwise know that you will want/need to enjoy the traveling from place to place as part of the vacation.

    Good Luck.

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