Q&A: Did president huinsane obama eat his dog bo? Serious question?

Question by Your Conservative Friend: Did president huinsane obama eat his dog bo? Serious question?
people keep making dog jokes, so im trying to get to the bottom of it. Liberals deleted my question the last time I asked so, did he? friggin liberals, anything can offend them. Heaven forbid they get their feelings hurt on the web. bunch of whiners.
ok lol i found it. He said dog was tough. And snake was tougher LOLZ hes a real man

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Answer by I Gots Gold Teef
The only dog he eats is named Michelle.


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8 thoughts on “Q&A: Did president huinsane obama eat his dog bo? Serious question?”

  1. have to laugh at buckeye. how does he know the right name? there are several to choose from.
    why would he eat his dog when he has all of those $ 100. steaks on his Wed night parties.

  2. The question should be “Who in the hell was he trying to impress with that story”? Our native American tribes ate dogs, Chinese do too, He wants to be popular to them groups?

  3. Liberals are given “credit” by far-right-wingers for far more than is actually true. Liberals, along with their other Democrats (progressives, moderates, centrists, bluedog conservatives) are the KIND people, remember. ‘Tis far-right-wing Republicans or home-schooled (brainwashed biblical-literalist) teabagging evangelical extremists who tend to be vindictive.

    President Barack (“handsome little one”) Hussein (“blessed by God”) Obama (“haven or little beach”) spent about two years in Indonesia as a very young boy because of his mom’s second marriage to an Indonesian man (Soetoros) and her job with the American embassy there. In Europe and evidently also in Indonesia, dog meat is sometimes used to feed the masses, just as the U.S. makes use of pig meat, cow meat, squirrel brains, pickled pigs’ feet, snails, and who the heck knows what “meat” or other debris goes into hotdogs or bologna?! Boy Barack, at the young age of around 8 years old, was asked to try dog meat by his then-stepfather just as my granddad asked my siblings and me to try squirrel brains (YUCK!) when we were little. I tried my first snails in Koeur la Petit, France in the 1950s and thought they tasted a bit like “chewy chicken.”

    To compare a young boy’s taste of dog meat in a foreign land where the culture was a factor to the barbaric, cruel tying of a large dog (an ALIVE dog) and family pet (supposedly “loved”) in a cage on top of a car is ludicrous. Add to the inhumane act the fact that the perpetrator was an ADULT who was worth BILLIONS of dollars at the time—he could have easily made pet-friendly arrangements by using a luxurious RV where the dog could be inside, or he could have rented or bought a private plane for the trip, or he could have simply bought the family a large van or flown the pet ahead (as do the Obamas) to avoid the pet’s discomfort. In addition, the dog got sick (“the runs,” as described by a nonchallant Ann Romney), with diarrhea streaming down the car window that the kids saw…and how did the GOP’s candidate for our nation’s highest office handle this? In his own words, “I pulled off the highway at a filling station and hosed him [the ill family pet] off” and he then put the ill pet back into the cage and continued on. Romney is cold-hearted and ruthless, this reveals, and nothing an 8-year-old boy named Barack did in Indonesia comes anywhere close to being comparable!

  4. I think whether he eats dog or not is beside the question
    He’s an idiot for not offering armchair godess
    the press sec job
    She would have to be his greatest asset

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