Q&A: Is it crazy if I go to Paris instead?

Question by …: Is it crazy if I go to Paris instead?
I’m an American expat living on the road in Europe, I write, draw and play guitar, 19 years old, my only education is a freaking GED… I kinda planned to go to NYC in January but I really want to go to Paris… haha, I can’t speak French but I’m learning… I’m poor, but I make money from random sources somehow… it just doesn’t matter. In NYC I planned on getting a job, and trying to make it in music/writing/translating… but something about it is off putting. I can scrape some money together for a ticket, after I learn some French I will go to Paris. What the hell should I do there?
You probably think I should go to college, but one day I will publish my poems and you will understand how things really work… besides, I couldn’t afford college, I would try it if I could.
@Zafir: I’ve never stayed longer than 3 months in any country

I just mixed in the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc.

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Answer by GuitarGuideEasy
You live only once, so use your chance if you have one. Most of all in our lives we have one shot. Use it, or suffer the rest of your life!

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Is it crazy if I go to Paris instead?”

  1. I am in Indonesia “on tour” but at least I waited till I got my degree before I started wandering, bum of the south seas me 🙂

    I rode Elephants , hunted crocs , been to Krakatau [big volcano] seen Komodo dragons [they are big] made sandcastles on kuta beach Bali. and a lot more not for posting here [mum might see]

    Grab it while you can

  2. There’s not much you can do in Paris, as an American citizen you are not allowed to work. I’m just wondering, if you’re already in Europe, what sort of visa you have. Americans can only stay for 90 days out of every 180 days in the Schengen Zone. It would be interesting to know what happens to you when you try to return home!

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