Q&A: South of France holiday?

Question by Eric P: South of France holiday?
I would like to camp in the south of france for a couple of weeks. Is this a good idea? how much would it cost compared to a cheap villa or apartment?
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I am not tight, there is 6 of us and I just dont want to pay a fortune

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Answer by ChocoBN
It is a good idea if you enjoy camping over renting a villa and if you all have tents and camping equipment already. In terms of pricing, while camping is generally cheaper, a 4-star campsite just off the beach in a posh sea-side resort can be more expensive than a 3-bedroom villa 1 mile inland.

I also depends on the season. Camping from mid-July to mid-August can also be more expensive than renting a villa late June for instance.

Camping is better for socializing as you have neighbors all around and there are day and evening activities offered as in a hotel club but cooking is not as easy, you share facilities like showers and toilets with dozens of people and if you are a light sleeper it’s not for you. If you prefer more privacy you should rent a self-catered house, cooking also ends up being cheaper when you have a full kitchen as you buy fewer prepared dishes.

Also, “the south of France” is pretty vague. The best is for you to look at campsites and villas and compare as prices vary a lot:


House & apartment rentals:

All I can tell you is it’s possible to rent a house for 6 in the south for under 400 €/week in summer, depends where exactly and which two weeks you’ll be going. In a prime coastal location, it would be at least 600 € a week.

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  1. Camping for more than a few days imho is kind of boring and you can camp at home. The south of France is so beautiful, take full advantage of staying in a flat (weekly rates usually available) in Nice or another larger city– more comfortable, you can watch some French tv at night and shops and museums are close by. I have seen some of the small resort towns (Menton, etc.) and there really is not much to do
    Great for Parisians who want to sit around and do nothing. Not so great for Americans, Canadians, English ppl who want to see old buildings, look at shops, etc. If you go to Nice, stop by a small nearby town called Biot. Lots of glass shops full of glass vases, drinking classes, perfume bottles, soap dishes, etc.

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