Q&A: Was Ho Chi Minh a Nationalist or PURE COMMUNIST B@STARD?

Question by Tiger: Was Ho Chi Minh a Nationalist or PURE COMMUNIST B@STARD?
He freed ALL OF South East Asia from the French.

Ho Chi Minh sent 400,000+++ S. Vietnamese people to die in his “reducation camps”

Ho Chi Minh favored the communism, even when the U.S. helped him in WW2 fighting the Japanese.

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Answer by joe
Nationalists and communists both pretty much suck, so who cares?

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Was Ho Chi Minh a Nationalist or PURE COMMUNIST B@STARD?”

  1. Actually, he approached the US for funding against the French and was turned down by the state department, CIA and military.

    He was a pragmatic leader in that regard, he just happened to get a yes from the other side, and thats when things went HORRIBLY F@#$ ing wrong.

  2. Hello,

    Ho was educated in France. He wanted to initially get rid of colonialism, a policy that America disliked as well.
    Anyway Mark above me has hit the nail right on the head so I need not say any more.

    Michael Kelly

  3. Ho Chi Minh tried to free French Indochina or Vietnam in 1919 during the post WW1 settlements, but he was just a Sous chef and no-one listened.

    He walked 100 miles during WW2 to save the life of one American pilot shot down by the Japanese.

    At the end of WW2 he read the American Declaration of Independence in front of American generals as a statement that Vietnam was now free.

    America almost immediatly handed the territory back to the French.

    Finally he took part in wars of Vietnamese independance against France and the US.

    I think he was a Vietnamese patriot.

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