Q&A: What can a teenager do for fun in Paris France?

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Question by Dania C: What can a teenager do for fun in Paris France?

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Answer by David
Aside from visiting the major sites and monuments you’ve probably already heard of (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, etc), information about activities in Paris can be found in the Paris Voice.

However, if you can read French, you might want to check out Pariscope or L’officiel des spectacles, which are two cheap and similar magazines that come out every week, both of which can be easily found anywhere that sells newspapers and magazines.

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One thought on “Q&A: What can a teenager do for fun in Paris France?”

  1. All the standard tourist sights if for no other reason than you can one up most of your firends when you’re watching some TV show or a movie which is set in Paris by shouting “I’ve been there!” so yeah, go see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, the Opera Garnier, etc etc.

    I assume you will be with the one or both of the parental units so that your freedom of action is limited (especially if they know that just about anyone who can see over the top of the bar can get served a drink in Paris).

    So here is some stuff they might let you do:

    1) Check out the big plaza in front of the Centre Pompidu (Which contains the Museum of Modern Art). On most sunny afternoons you’ll find all sorts of street entertainers there. Among these will almost always be some guys doing big involved audience participation comedy bits. When they call for volunteers (and they always do) don’t hesitate to stand up. The fact that you probably don’t speak French will be NO problem. These guys tend to be very good and very funny. You’ll have a great time and if you can have someone snap a picture you’ll have a great story to tell when you get home (and a photo to prove it).

    2) If you have a skateboard bring it along and head over to the Forum des Halles (which is only a few blocks from the Pompidu). You’ll find a lot of young skate board enthusiasts hanging out there. A chance for a great photo of you doing a 180 frontside ollie in the Parisian equivalent of the Mall.

    3) Go down to the river. In the Summer they cart in a bunch of sand and turn a section of the Seine riverbank into an artificial “beach.” You can’t swim in the Seine (its really polluted) but people play beach volleyball and otheriwse act like they are at the beach.

    4) At ten p.m. every Friday night thousands of people gather in the the Place d’Italie and proceed to rollerskate thru the streets accompanied by a special Police unit to clear the way and keep them safe. Here’s a description and some pictures: http://www.inlineonline.co.uk/paris.htm

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