Q&A: When do I use “aller” in passe compose?

Question by Bethany: When do I use “aller” in passe compose?
my textbook says that aller and other verbs of motion are formed using etre… but why?
Why do you conjugate etre verbs when you use aller?
How would you say “I went to the cinema” and “I went to the beach”?

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Answer by JJ
If you’re a girl: je suis allée au cinéma; je suis allée a la plage.

Don’t ask why – just learn it! Other verbs that use etre as the auxiliary include arriver, monter, venir, entrer, rester, descendre…

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One thought on “Q&A: When do I use “aller” in passe compose?”

  1. You use Aller in the Passé Composé when you want to say “—- had gone”.

    Je suis allée au cinéma.
    Je suis allée à la plage.

    Actually, you have it backwards. You use être to make the passé composé for verbs of motion. Because they are not transitive. And that´s how they do it.

    Sometimes, there is no real reason, just…that´s how it is. (but I’ll bet some major French linguist will know the REAL reason…the only thing is…unless you’re a really major French linguist, it doesn’t matter…just learn it, okay?)

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