Trans mtf wanting my nails done.?

Question by john: Trans mtf wanting my nails done.?
I want to get my nails done for the first time. Toenails painted of course but fingernails I want to look good but I don’t know if I want them completely painted because if I’m not dressed I don’t wanna be harrassed. What’s the best option?

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Answer by Mr Mackey
a very subtle color?

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5 thoughts on “Trans mtf wanting my nails done.?”

  1. French manicure? Or try a nude colored polish from “Beach” from Essie or OPI’s “Tickle My France-y”. Just Google the colors and go from there.

  2. Matte nail polish is the same as clear shiny polish, but without the shine.
    It is better than just buffing your nails for shine, because it will protect them so they can grow out. Buy it and take it with you to the salon, because they are not likely to have it.

    If you want to take it a step further, try shiny clear polish, or they can mix colors – try mixing in a little pink into your clear polish.

    Good luck, Honey!

  3. Hey love ,I'm a very androgynous person sometimes I look very feminine sometimes I'm right in between,I get my nails done any where and all the time and don't worry about those little Asian girls there gonna talk shit about people all the time but do you think there gonna be thinking about you right now?no, there out there making fun of other people .There are people that are gonna like you and there are some people your gonna piss off!!but that's not your business,what is your business is to do you and be your self.wear your skin proud mama 🙂 hope that helps !

  4. You could have a clear polish put on them. I mean maybe you could just get a simple manicure and pedicure?

    You shouldn’t get harassed too much for that. There is a punk rocker, Laura Jane Grace who is lead singer of Against Me! and she is trans and long before coming out and transitioning she used to get manicures and pedicures with like clear nail polish on. In fact there is footage of her in a documentary about the band, back when she was male, having a manicure XD

    So yeah, maybe just do that, wear clear polish. It still makes your nails look really good and pretty.

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