Transcend your Dreams into Reality with France Holiday Packages

France is a country idyllically located in the Alps and offers plenty of romantic destinations for tourists. France has such a variety of attractions that it appeals to all kinds of tourists and at all occasions. Bordering Italy and Switzerland, with a large area opening to Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea, France offers a lot of opportunities for travel, sight seeing and outdoor activities. Discover the land of iconic Eiffel Tower. Explore cities with a magnetic appeal that attracts a large number of travelers from across the world.

Nature Blessed Cities

Paris: It is undeniably the most vibrant and liveliest city in the world. Paris epitomizes love and colors. With Cheap France Holidays explore the mesmerizing city of Paris. A centre of unbound shopping pleasure, great cuisine, chic dining experience and comfortable lodging, Paris is a must visit city.

A city symbolizing the cultural renaissance has now assumed leadership in world-class paintings, architecture, sculpture, and fashion trends. Just wander around the city to get a wonderful view or visit a restaurant to enjoy the great dining experience in Paris.

Nice: A beautiful coastal city with lots of palm trees. Visit the market selling colorful flowers and fruits, antiques and souvenirs. Enjoy the splendid frescoes, dazzling chandeliers and stunning altarpiece in the Chapelle de la Misericorde with France Holiday Packages. Also located here is the 17th century Cathedral de Ste-Reparate, a fine specimen of Baroque style architecture.

Marseilles: The city founded by the Greeks is a brew of various cultures.

It has been a melting pot for people of different cultures and nationality, such as Italian, Greek, Corsican and North African. The tourist attractions here include Museum of Fine Arts, Chateau Borely, Roman Docks Museum, and Le Cours Julien Square.

Architectural Wonders

Eiffel Tower: The mention of France is incomplete without a reference to Eiffel Tower, a structure that has become a global symbol. It is the most visited place in France and the area surrounding Eiffel Tower is a great place to get together and indulge in merriment. It is a must visit wonder for tourists taking France Holidays.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc: A place most popular among skiing lovers. Located in the French Alps, it is oldest and biggest winter sports resort in France.

Notre-Dame-de-Paris: A 12th century cathedral that is famous worldwide for its splendid architecture and the magnificent view. With France Holiday Packages explore this charming architecture. All your efforts to reach here pay off when you get to see the breathtaking views of the entire Paris city from here.

Louvre Museum: It is once in a lifetime opportunity to see the original Mona Lisa painting kept at this museum. Numerous works of world-class artists like Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh and many others.

For most people the reason for visiting France is French culture. Art works of great artists, music and old and modern architecture, fashion and trends, and festivals pull people from entire world over and over again. The ultra modern facilities available throughout the country makes visit luxurious and memorable

Culinary delights

French cuisine is exquisite and famous worldwide. France is one of the oldest wine producing countries in Europe. There is a strong relationship between food and wine in France. Wine and food have evolved alongside one another that are why some of the best French recipes have wine as an important ingredient. With Cheap France Holidays get to taste the delights of France.

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