Villa’s, hotels in the LA?

Question by Stardream<3: Villa’s, hotels in the LA?
Group of 17-18 year old British girls want to go to LA for a holiday next year and are trying to plan it! Any ideas on a villa or hotel we can stay at for our time there? We want it to be in LA, preferably near the beach (santa monica ish area maybe?).
Has to be cheap-ish as we havent got money to afford a Beverly Hills hotel ahhaa, but still decent!
Preferably a villa, but hotels are just as good 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Villa’s, hotels in the LA?”

  1. You can go to or similar websites to get ideas about pricing and availability.

    There may be some problems based upon your tender ages, though. While 18-year olds can legally sign contracts in the U.S. (this includes hotel check-ins), many hotels may insist upon at least one member of your group being over 21 to provide some semblance of adult supervision. This is because kids have been known to do bad rock star imitations and trash hotel rooms. Also, it may cost you more to rent a car IF you can find an agency which will rent to you, being under 25, for a similar reason.

  2. Sorry. This isn’t France or Italy. You won’t find “villa’s here. As “Mops” stated most U.S hotels will require the person signing the guest register to be 21, and have a credit card in their own name. Unchaperoned teens are discouraged because they usually make noise that disturbs other guests, and causes damage to the rooms.

    Nothing is cheap in Los Angeles. “Near the beach” is even more expensive. You’ll find hotel rates about the same as in London. U.S fire codes restrict the maximum room occupancy to 4 (except in suites). If you still want to come try arranging your lodging through a British travel agency that can probably negotiate a group discount for you Make sure the hotel they use knows you’re 17 & 18 year old girls to avoid any problem when you get here. The 17 year olds are considered minors in the U.S. and may be restricted on what they can legally do like getting in to clubs. . The legal drinking age in the U.S is 21.

    Understand that Los Angeles is NOT really like you see portrayed on silly television programs.

  3. You may have to delay your holiday or make a change in plans. You’ll have difficulty checking into hotels because of your ages. Most hotels have an age restriction. You must be of legal age to reserve/check into a hotel. Legal age in this US is 18. Many hotels refuse to allow “minors” under the age of 21 to check in unless there is at least one adult, a person over the age of 21, with them.
    You’ll have to show a current photo ID and a valid credit card at check-in too.

    You have to be 25 years old to rent a car in this country.

    You must be 21 years old to drink in this country. The club bouncers WILL check your ID very closely!

    So, your ages, and the age restrictions of hotels/motels/car rental agencies, will present a problem.

    Just plan on including an adult in your group and all will be just fine!

    Santa Monica is a fun place to spend a vacation. There’s the Santa Monica Pier, which has a cool amusement park, and the Third Street Promenade for strolling, shopping, dining at an outdoor cafe.

    There are some excellent hotels right on the beach, but they are very expensive. My favorite hotel in Santa Monica is:
    Shutters on the Beach

    You might choose one of the national chain motel/hotels such as Best Western or Holiday Inn. They’re in every location and usually reasonably priced.

    You can go to this website and click on “Los Angeles Hotels” and search by area or by price.

    Here’s another website with lots of information about visiting L.A.

  4. There are villas to rent, but they are very expensive and tend to be miles outside where most tourists would want to be, a nice house or villa on Malibu beach rents for $ 25,000 to almost $ 200,000 a month. There are homes to rent in Santa Monica, but they tend to be expensive, and won’t rent to under 21’s. A very low end motel room in Sant Monica will cost over $ 100 a night in the summer, occupancy more than 2 will typically cost more. There are not very many motels that cheap, and they’re not very nice, there is more at $ 150+.

    You may not be able to rent a motel room as not all of you are 18, and there isn’t much available for 18 year olds anyway, most will only rent to 21 year olds. One needs to be an adult to legally sign a contract, which is that you’re doing when you rent a room. Even if they will rent to an 18 year old, they may not allow a 17 year old in the room, too much liability. So you need to check into this with the motels. The 21+ cut off is even more true for private residences, no one needs underage drinking on their property.

    Hostels don’t allow minors to book a bed, so you’d have to check if the 17 year olds would be able to since they are with the 18 year olds, and what proof of guardianship they’d accept if any. Hostel dorm rooms generally run around $ 25 to $ 45 a bed in the popular areas, during the summer.

    Get some guide books and figure out what you want to see in LA, so that will help determine where you might want to stay. Check on public transportation routes (Google Maps).

    Good luck!

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