what does gt stand for as in ford gt or mustang gt?

Question by I’M ON IT: what does gt stand for as in ford gt or mustang gt?

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Answer by Magley64…AM
gran tourismo…

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7 thoughts on “what does gt stand for as in ford gt or mustang gt?”

  1. GT is an expression or initials borrowed from the Italians.

    In case of Ford GT, the GT doesn’t really stand for anything. It’s a series of concept cars that were made. GT90 was shown in 1995, and 2002 a new GT was shown.

    In the ORIGINAL Ford GT40, which dominated LeMans 24-hour in 1960’s, GT did indeed stand for Gran Turisme (French for “Grand Touring”, or Gran Turismo in Italian)


  2. Grand Touring. However it has come to be more of a performance note than a touring package since the v6 has most of the same “luxuries” that the GT does on the interior. Back in the day it had as much to do with the interior and ride options as it did the motor, but today it just means performance. The GT on the supercar was merely because the owners of the name wanted more than Ford was willing to pay for the original name of GT40. Personally I don’t think it would have fit anyway since the 40 was because the roofline was only 40inches high and the new car is 44. Hope that was what your looking for.

  3. A grand tourer (Italian: Gran Turismo), (initialised GT), is a high-performance automobile designed for long-distance driving. Any such car could be considered a grand tourer, but of course the traditional and a true GT. Just because it has GT after the name does not mean it is a true Grand Tourer or Gran Turismo car.
    many has borrowed the initials from the Italians so far.

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