What happend to the barbary states?

Question by PURE REPUBLICAN: What happend to the barbary states?

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15 thoughts on “What happend to the barbary states?”

  1. barbaric/barbarian? Like Germanic barbarians?
    They were not really barbarians except from the Roman point of view, but that’s how the Romans described them. They are merged into other nations and became part of Europe.

  2. The Barbary states were islamic slave trader kaliphates on the north coast of Africa (a.k.a. “Moors”) – reaching all the way from Egypt to Morocco. basically their “job” was piracy- both attacking ships and raiding coastal areas in Europe (in many areas of Spain and France the (non Politically Correct) way of saying “run for your life” is “Moors on the beach!”
    The practice was so widespread that even the muslim rulers who received money for “protection” had their own pirate crews. Depending on who you believe, they kidnapped around 4 to 8 milion people from Europe (thats not counting the Ottoman Turks)
    What happened to them? They were paid lots of money for “protection” – even the US paid them for a while. For a long while they prospered (Europe was busy with Napoleon and such). They thought themselves invincible and on a mission from God (kind of resembles the AlQuaeda philosophy of today). E.g. the Sultan of Algiers was known for having European Ambassadors beaten when he was displeased with the money or their demands
    End result?
    They annoyed everybody. The Brits, French, Austrians, Italians- all grew tired of paying money and still being robbed and still having their people enslaved. The US also took part (hence the “shores of Tripoli” in the Marine song).

    The only way to end the slave trade was to invade and police the states from within- all done in the mid 1800’s. In a way the Barbary states gave the impulse for the “civilising colonisation” of Africa (colonialism as a way of ending the slave trade). France got Algeria and Tunisia, Libya went to Italy and Morocco to Spain. Egypt was a Turkish colony, so it was left more or less alone (Turkey was an ally of UK and France). They remained colonies for about 150 years, then got liberated in the mid 20th century

    And the slave traders moved south- all the way to Congo and the Sudan. It took several more wars to end that trade

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