What is the “camps” threshold for Muslims in America?

Question by Morpheus: What is the “camps” threshold for Muslims in America?
Convetional war is implies “external” conflict. Terrorism is the opposite, and I state the obvious when I say that more than a few people, within the Islamic comunity, and only the Islamic community, are willing to wage this war for God.

Some Americans would simply prefer to perish before “cracking down”. That few is commonly expressed with the lament “well, ok, if it comes to that, they already won, we become like them…”

WW2 America obviously saw the world differently. They did put Japense in camps, right or wrong. The irony is, that Japense citzens were a much lesser threat than Muslim citzens today.

So, to the more pragamtic types, define the threshold. Granted, this would be a last resort policy, and an unfortunate one, as much as I detest Islam, my regret would simply be the personal ideignity Islamists force me into.

Ex: “I would support camps if one city were nuked.”

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Answer by wisdomforfools
Don’t worry, I am sure they are preparing the camps for all of us. Muslims included.

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4 thoughts on “What is the “camps” threshold for Muslims in America?”

  1. Camps are an extremist measure. They would begin innocuously with Muslim Extremists then branch off into regular Muslims that might be a problem and finally Muslim sympathizers (a broad definition that could encompass anyone regardless of race, religion, color or creed).

    Is this your vision for America? To have neighbors and family reporting each other and be dragged off to camps never to be seen again. Be careful what you wish for.

  2. At the present time the Democrats are wanting our defeat and supporting the well being of terrorists.
    BUT, they will be the first to cry and whine when we really get hit.
    Maybe they can surrender all over again.

  3. What you are doing–behind the pseudo-rational phrasing-is advocating concentration camps for law-abiding American citizens based on their religion.

    Hitler is smiling on you. No one else is.

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