What’s going on with New Orleans nowadays?

Question by freakknastyy: What’s going on with New Orleans nowadays?
It’s been about 4 years after Katrina and while I don’t watch the news often or see things on the Internet, so I’m wondering how much is the city rebuilt and back to normal.
Like the school system, housing areas and communities, businesses, tourism, nightlife, the beaches and swamps, and how families are coping with returning home or still being evacuated.
Any websites would be great.
Thanks so much.

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Answer by blacksheep_hellishot
Well, won’t hear this from the news media’s or from our precious government either. New Orleans is a disaster today far worse than anything Mother nature could have accomplished.. violent crime (street gang violence) has tripled along with shameful object poverty that’s now taking center stage in this billion-dollar oil pumping metropolis.

Yes recently took a trip to Hell? determined it be that democratically ran cesspool of corruption called? “New Orleans”

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One thought on “What’s going on with New Orleans nowadays?”

  1. I really resent it when people (like blacksheep_hellishot) post “answers” about New Orleans when they clearly have no knowledge of the situation.

    Most of the metro area now looks like Katrina never happened. The metro area is back to about 1,250,000 population (about 90% of the pre-Katrina population) and the City of New Orleans is back to about 65% of the pre-Katrina population (now 325,000+, then 475,000).

    The worst-flooded parts of the City and of Plaquemines & Saint Bernard Parishes (parish = county) are still struggling to recover. The neighborhoods/areas that were mostly renters have recovered the least because the former residents simply found somewhere else to live. The still-reduced population means new renters have not replaced them.

    It should be noted that recovery has been the result of people using their savings and maybe insurance money to rebuild. Billons were allocated to LA for residential recovery, but the administration of then-Governor “Blank Stare” Blanco (a Democrat) diverted (read “stole”) most of the funding and the people who needed the aid either got very little or nothing.

    The public schools systems have mostly recovered and the system in the City of New Orleans has switched to “charter” schools (which work much better). Note that half or more of the students in the New Orleans area attend private or parochial schools, which have all recovered.

    Tourism, nightlife, and the entertainment industry have fully recovered. The French Quarter, Garden District, and other historic areas did not flood and the wind damage was quickly repaired. You can visit New Orleans as a tourist and not see anything from Katrina unless you take a “disaster tour” that visits still-struggling areas.

    New Orleans is not on the coast so it doesn’t have beaches.

    Most of SE Louisiana is wetlands and the freshwater swamps were badly affected by salt water pushed inland by Katrina. However, it is a natural process and nature is repairing itself. The damage was very visible in 2006/2007 but “green” has returned.

    Katrina killed almost 1500 people in the City of New Orleans and did more damage than can be imagined so I will never believe the storm was a good thing. However, the storm did disrupt the pre-Katrina political establishment and it’s poisonous lock on all levels of government before the storm. New Orleans has suffered from more than 3 decades under an administration very similar to Marion Barry’s Washington DC and the pre-Katrina establishment kept control by manipulating the poor & uneducated – who they also deliberately kept poor & uneducated.

    For good or bad, Katrina destroyed the ability of the criminals-in-office to control the vote, and the elections of 2006 & 2008 resulted in widespread improvements down to the School Board level. The elections of 2010 should continue the trend. Also, most of the pre-Katrina political establishment is under federal investigation as organized crime (RICO) entities and many of them are either already in jail or on the way there.

    The New Orleans daily newspaper’s website is: http://www.nola.com

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