Where is the BEST cheap stay hotel/hostel/inn in Paris and what are the things that we can do there for 1 week

Question by jotan23: Where is the BEST cheap stay hotel/hostel/inn in Paris and what are the things that we can do there for 1 week
also, please suggest where are the best cheap eats.
we are budget travellers and yet we want to have a nice stay.
mom and daughter
with private bath please 🙂 thanks!

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Answer by katya
Hotel Tiquetonne is great. It’s 50 euros a night (for 2) with a bathroom included in your room. It’s certainly not luxury, and the rooms are small. However, it’s clean and the bathrooms are all newly remodeled. It’s located 2 blocks from the metro in central, central Paris (the 2nd arrondisement).
The hotel ‘closes’ at midnight–ie it locks the doors so if you are not in by 12 you’re locked out.
I speak French so I don’t know if the staff can speak English or not.

I would highly suggest against a hostel. Hostels in Paris are 1. awful and 2. will be full of young people being loud and partying all night (mom you probably won’t enjoy this and you may feel out of place). Often, the price of hostels (for 2 people) will put you at the same price as a 1 or 2 star hotel for 2 people.

You could also look into bed and breakfasts. called “chambre d’hotes” or “gites” in French. I don’t know any in Paris to recommend.

Things to do! Soooo many! Have you ever been to Paris before? My suggestion is to get a guide book first and see what you’re interested. I don’t want to tell you about museums if you hate museums. Another idea is to do L’Open Tour which is a double decker bus tour with multiple lines that you can hop off and on as you like. These hit all the major sites of Paris plus more. This might be worthwhile the first day or two to help you get oriented to Paris…then you can decide for the remaining visit what you want to go back to visit or what other neighborhoods you’d like to explore.

Must sees: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomph, Champs Elysee, Opera, Louvre

You could also do a day trip to Versailles if that interests you.

Eating cheap is France is difficult. In restaurants, you will have “la carte” (the menu) and “le menu” (which typically includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert for 1 price). (Sorry if you speak french and/or already know this.)

Near the hotel I mentioned above there are many restaurants.
Another good one is “Restaurant de la Tour” near the Eiffel Tower. It’s about 25 euros for a “menu” but it’s delicious and the staff is charming. Traditional French food also. I suggest reserving. They speak English.

Lastly, Paris has lots of great parks, so why not hit up a supermarket and do picnics? This will be A LOT cheaper! (Casino, Carrefour are 2 major supermarkets located around Paris , plus all the ‘mom and pop’ places.)

good luck and enjoy your tirp!

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3 thoughts on “Where is the BEST cheap stay hotel/hostel/inn in Paris and what are the things that we can do there for 1 week”

  1. i will go to Paris from 21st to 25th May. I have booked and paid the hotel , ibis hotel from internet in january. just go to http://www.ibishotel.com and there we can look for all ibis hotels in Paris. then there will be many cheap prices. i have paid 39€ per night. this room can be for 2 ppl. and from the website i see that its in center from Paris. so i suggest you can check from that website. 39€ per night for 2 ppl is not very expensive especially for an Ibis Hotel. so good luck.

  2. I suggest l’Hotel les Argonautes (Greek). Teeny-tiny rooms and the toilet is down the hall, but you cannot beat the location: in the heart of the Latin Quarter on rue de la Huchette, just off BVD San Michel at the bridge. Metro is right there too. Besides Notre Dame, which is very close, are two other beautiful ancient churches in a short stroll.

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