Where to Stay in Disney World?

Question by schneid123: Where to Stay in Disney World?
Which is better? Port Orleans Riverside or Port Orleans French Quarter? My family and I are going in July.

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Answer by Beach Gal
Both resorts are wonderful for the moderate price range. But I’d have to go with French Quarter simply for the pool alone. The pool at French Quarter is a guest favorite and kids love it! Check out this link for their virtual tour:

Click on “take the virtual tour” which is located inside the main photos at the top of the page.

Enjoy your vacation!

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4 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Disney World?”

  1. I think that they are both pretty similar, the biggest difference is the theme. Also, they have different pools and most people prefer the pool at French Quarter over Riverside. Personally, I like Riverside a little better, but again, I think they are both great options, especially since you have the added transportation option of the boat, though limited it is a nice little feature.

    French Quarter is definitely the most popular, when I’ve been planning trips in the past it is sold out a lot more often than Riverside.

    I’ve included some links that should help you with your decision.

    Good luck, I think you will be happy with either choice!

  2. I have stayed at both, and personally I have to agree with Tech, Riverside is my personal favorite. I just like the way that the resort is designed and decorated. In most ways, they are pretty similar, it just comes down to personal preference. Go to the Disneyworld website for more info on the differences, but honestly you can’t go wrong either way.

    Have a great trip!

  3. We personally like the Riverside better because it’s more quiet and relaxing. Yes the pool at the French Quarter is really cool but these resorts are so close that you can easily make the short trip to swim in the pool if you want to. I also think the food court at the Riverside is better too. It’s all a matter of taste really.

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