Which age/era would you want to live in? and Why?

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Question by NO GAME: Which age/era would you want to live in? and Why?
If you had a time machine that is capable of taking you to the past, would you want to live in stone age or middle age or what?
And what would you want to do so that the age you lived in could progress and develop?

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Answer by f w
I was going to ask this question in a few days – you beat me to it!

There are several places in history I’d love to visit. I’d love to live in some of those eras mentioned in the bible, so I could see for myself what “really” happened; what’s really fact and what’s fiction.

I’d love to see the roman empire – and find out how they were able to conquer most of Europe with such ancient technology. Also Ancient Greece.

It would be really cool to also take a “tour” of the hundreds of years of the middle ages, like you can do a “tour” of Europe with a travel company. You only stay a few days just to get a taste of what life is like. So, a little “medieval sampler” would be cool.

Also, spending a few weeks in the mid to late 1700’s in Europe to follow Mozart around and hear his concerts that would be awesome! I could be a “Mozart groupie!”

I’d top it off with a trip to France to watch the French revolution and watch the poor, oppressed people take action. (like I wish they would in this country) and I’d Cheer on the peasants!!! And I’d booo Marie Antoinette!!!

I wouldn’t change anything for fear I might come home to a world that is drastically changed, and not necessarily for the good. I.e., if anything in history were discovered or invented sooner than it was – I could come home to find out that the “Dot.com bubble” burst in the 1860’s instead of late 1990’s and I don’t know if I could surivive in society that moved on that much without me. That would be scary to come home to 2007 and find out that now global warming is 150 years more advanced than it was before I left or that were are now living in a world like “Star Wars” – don’t think I could handle that!!!!

So I’d visit, take some souveniers, (and sell some of them to a museum when I got home. $ $ $ – Hey, I’m not stupid!) however, I wouldn’t dare change anything.

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