Why do the powerful countries claim to be civilized nations when they have had a history of being abusive?

Question by …: Why do the powerful countries claim to be civilized nations when they have had a history of being abusive?
United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia (Not now), Japan, and many more that lead the top that have had a history of racism, wars, classism, elevated civil violence claim to be civilized?

To be a bully is a sign of being civilized?
To be civilized is to answer a question with a proper answer, not with another question. To start with…
Kyle G. All of the countries mentioned have a history and still are abusing of the so called “third world countries”.

Canada and Australia should be an exception, but these countries have had a history of murders to the native americans. Nowdays, Canada seems to be a peaceful country thanks to the opression of its people (is that civilized?) Australia denying citizenship to the aborigenes. The white only policy.

The rest have “conquered” and murdered.

In today’s economy Japan for example is extracting resources from South America without obeying the laws.

How about Africa? In the misery because of the abuse of Europeans.

If you know your history you should be aware of it, and not be offended.

Retarded nationalists.
Yeah, nevada, Surely the United States is not a terrorist country. Really civilized.

Best answer:

Answer by Kyle G
Canada and Australia are powerful?

Every country is going to have what you listed. I’m sorry the planet earth isn’t utopia.

Being civilized does not mean being perfect. When compared with other countries, the ones listed give much more freedom to individuals and are striving to eliminate racism, sexism, and other things that were and still are institutionalized.

That’s a long list of countries where you give no real example of bullying.

As for history of being abusive – I’m not going to argue that – because I agree, countries have been abusive in the past…. but what matters now is how they act in the present heading into the future.

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6 thoughts on “Why do the powerful countries claim to be civilized nations when they have had a history of being abusive?”

  1. You know all are a little misguided, however, with power and greed comes ruthlessness. So, you shouldn’t really expect warming welcome from either. Though these countries’ actions do not say the same for the people within the country. Either way its a way of life and it’s going to take a lot longer to come toward comlete peace.

  2. They have the power, they make the rules. As long as humans are around. You will have abuse, of one kind or another. Those in power do what they do, because they can. Being civilized has nothing to do with it. It just a word those in power use to justify, what they do.

  3. Powerful countries who call themselves civilized even though they have been abusive in the past and continue to be abusive, ensure that they will be able to exploit people with less power and maintain their current position in the world. By brainwashing not only their own people into silence, but the people of other countries who are being oppressed by them, these power holding nations diminish the resistance to their plans. Powerful countries try to assert that they are righteous, “civilized” countries. This is similar to how upper classes of many cultures (especially the rich in our culture) try to convince the lower classes that they are less scrupulous, moral, kindhearted, intelligent, and generally more deserving of all kinds of praise.
    Essentially people who hold powerful positions claim that they are better than every one else because they can.
    I agree with Scooter.

  4. This is an interesting question which ties in with another question I recently responded to.

    My point in that question is similar to the one you are trying to make here, in that it’s popular to bash the United States for bullying around weaker nations. Yet the people who accuse the United States of picking on the little guy come from countries with storied histories of doing the exact same things over the years.

  5. Define “civilized”. I mean, what exactly do you think that word means?

    When I went to school, I was taught that civilization is a technical term for a specific cultural type charactorized by literacy, hierarchy, specialization, and urbanization. That is the only objective definition I’ve ever heard; thus, as far as I’m concerned, that IS the definition, period! What it isn’t, is a term of theology, morals, or ethics. Cultures and/or states that have appalling morals can nonetheless be perfectly civilized because there’s no connection between these two aspects of culture.

    Ancient Assyria with it’s kings who boasted of creating mountains of skulls was still a civilized country. The Mayas with their ritualistic human sacrifices were still a civilized culture. Stalinist Russia with it’s “Gulag Archipelago” of slave labor camps was a civilized state. The Serbs of the 1990s with their ethnic cleansing campaigns and “rape camps” for female prisoners were nonetheless a civilized nation.

    Your question can not be answered because it’s premise is faulty. Your self-rightousness is irrelevant. Your (obvious) anger is also irrelevant, at least in this context.

    In closing, I suggest you find out who you’re really angry at and (if possible) go talk to them…

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