Will cycling help me tone up?

Question by Katie: Will cycling help me tone up?
I cycle 20 miles a day, average speed 20mph
Will it tone me up?
And don’t come with all the cra.p saying “oh you’d win the Tour de France”
That’s what I ride and how fast

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Answer by Pete M
Cycling is a great exercise and it’s low impact so you don’t run the risk of injury nearly as much as you would by jogging or running.

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3 thoughts on “Will cycling help me tone up?”

  1. What does “tone me up” mean? I wish folks would use decent terminology. I submit that if you’re riding 20 miles per day at an average of 20mph, you’re already in a pretty good state of fitness.

    (dependent on whether you’re riding on level ground) Consider that pro road racers maintain 30 mph averages for over 100 miles during stage races, for weeks at a time.

    Cycling is an excellent aerobic exercise. Promotes superb cardiovascular fitness. However, not so much for the upper body, and sometimes the “core” is somewhat neglected.
    So, for a well-rounded program, you should probably be doing some resistance training as well.

    How are you measuring your speed? If you went out and bought a cycling computer, and did not properly input your tire size, you’re not getting an accurate reading.

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